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Here are 50+ falsifications of a global Flud, from a Bible-believing Christian who had to get his geology right in order to make a living as an oil prospector.

To believe that a god would to go to such incredible lengths to produce false evidence, by magic, for no discernible reason, makes a mockery of the idea of "God".

Glen Morton was a Young Earth Creationist (YEC) having connections with The "Institute of Creationist Research". Click here for more about Glenn Morton and his pages.

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About the Author - Glenn Morton
Why I Left Young-Earth Creationism
600,000 years of not sweeping the floor-The Soils of Beijing
An Analysis of John Matthews' "The Origin of Oil: A Creationist Answer"
Carbonate Hardgrounds Disprove Global Flood
Time Sequence in Pebbles-Conglomerates in Conglomerates
Time in the Flood-Seismic and the Great Stone Dome
While the Flood Rages, Termites dig, Dinosaurs Dance and Cicadas Sing
It Sure Was Hot in the Global Flood
Wilcox Coals and the Floating Forest/VeggieMat Young-earth Theories
Igneous History of British Isles Won't Fit Into Global Flood
Texas Ellenburger Caves Show Global Flood is Impossible
Difunta Group Argues Against Global Flood
Haymond Formation with Thousands of Burrows
How Long Ago was the Flood?
Runaway Subduction is a Sham
Delicate Insects Not Destroyed by Turbulent Global Flood
Amber and the Flood
Going to the Bathroom in the Global Flood
How fossilization occurs
Steve Austin's Grand Canyon Argument: Mathematical Sleight of Hand
Unconformities and the Global Flood
How Overthrusts Occur
Desert Varnish - Evidence of 300 Years in the Geologic Column
Pollen Order in Varves Presents Problems for Global Flood
Flood articles (Reminder to collect)
Buried River Channels in the Geologic Column
Rock Physical Properties Vary With Age of Fossils They Contain
Why Carbon 14 Dating Works
The Appalachian Mountains Show the Need for Much Time
Canyons Buried in the Fossil Record show Global Flood Impossible
Young-Earth Arguments: A Second Look

Mercury Poisoning in the Global Flood
The Misguided Erosion argument
Too Many Fossils Found on Earth for Global Flood
Meteoritic Dust Found in Salt Proves Slow Deposition
Fish Cause Problems for the Global Flood
The Global Flood Produces Acidic Flood Waters
Carbon Dioxide and the Flood
Oil Well Cores and the Global Flood
Castile Formation Shows Waters Were Calm During Global Flood
Too Many Meteors in the Flood Year
Limestone Shows Slow Deposition
Burrows Show Slow Deposition
Canadian Coal not Formed Catastrophically
Why Clastic Dykes don't indicate a Global Flood
The Multiple Droughts in the Global Flood
Creationist Misuse of the Green River Formation
Jonathan Clarke's Discussion of Paleosols
The Real Poop on the Global Flood
Tracks and Raindrop, Hail and Ice Impressions Demonstrates Slow Deposition
The Letter the Creation Research Society Quarterly Didn't Want You to See
Why Our Technological World Could Not Arise in a Mere 4000 Years
Walter Brown's Hydroplate Model
Evidence from the Orkney Islands Against a Global Flood
Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study
Why the Flood is not Global
Why The Flood Can Not Be In Mesopotamia
The Physics of a Mesopotamian Flood
Why the Black Sea is not the Site of Noah's Flood

Theology Articles and Other Topics


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