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ERV FAQ: Aren't you just a plagiarist? Why don't you attribute your sources? And who are you anyway?

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Unless I attribute something to another writer, everything in this blog is from my own keyboard.

The blog is not intended to be a formal academic work, but an educational one. Links are provided to relevant articles and papers for you to investigate further. It is clear in every case who is the author of such articles.

If you are looking for peer-reviewed scientific papers, look at the direct links I provide and the reference sections of any wikipedia articles I link to. Also, for a handy list of scientific papers, go here.

My name is Barry Desborough. I'm English. I'm retired, an ex-school teacher and software engineer. I trained as a school teacher at Christchurch College, Canterbury, a Christian-founded college, situated a stone's throw from the offices of the Archbishop of Canterbury and Canterbury Cathedral.

The college offered courses in 19th century thought, including that of Darwin. They organised visits to Down House.

Evolution has never been a problem for the Church of England. Why, Darwin is buried, with honours, in Westminster Abbey!

He appears on the reverse of the British ten-pound note, which depicts on its front, the 'Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England'.

His statue sits in pride of place in the central hall of the British Natural History Museum.

When I retired, I considered the question of what would be the best use of the time I had left to me. I decided on two things, 1) to create free educational content for the internet and 2) to study human nature. Studying human nature led me to the field of evolutionary psychology. It was only when I started discussing evolutionary psychology with American academics that I learned that a substantial proportion of the American population are evolution skeptics and evolution deniers. I was astonished at this news. I thought that this had petered out in the 19th century. Astonished and dismayed, because what I learned about evolutionary psychology convinced me that it provided an essential perspective if we are ever going to have a chance of addressing our problems as a species.

The continuing rising tide of irrationality in the world is convincing me even more of this - that evolution denial is a menace.

Having spent considerable time researching the "controversy" and discussing it with creationists, I came to the conclusion that the evidence from endogenous retroviruses and other genetic markers constitutes an irrefutable case for common descent, and falsifies literal interpretations of the Biblical account of creation. Recommended book from an expert - who happens to be a Christian.

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