Archiving Glen Morton's Pages.

Glenn Morton describes himself as a "Bible believing Christian". I, as an atheist and defender of science and reason, have great admiration for him. Originally with close ties to the "Institute of Creation Research", a young earth creationist organisation, Glenn earned a degree in physics and joined the oil industry as a geophysicist. He studied geology, and became a successful oil prospector. In the process, he discovered that what he had been told about the flood of Noah, and about a young earth, were wrong. He set about fixing his understanding of scripture, and publishing articles on the internet about his understanding, and also about the vast range of facts that he had discovered, which falsified a woodenly literal interpretation. Some time ago, Glenn Morton took down his website. He was upset with atheists using his material to beat Christians around the head with. But copies of his pages were preserved elsewhere, notably at the WayBackMachine. Worried that he would have them removed from there, I copied them to my wiki at Wikispaces. They were too valuable to be lost. Subsequently, Wikispaces got bought out by some suits at an outfit called TES, and shafted everyone who they had up until then provided free space for, holding them to ransom and demanding money. Instead, I downloaded an archive of my wiki site. 

Now I have found the time to put these pages back up as pages on Blogger. There is still work to do, tidying up the presentation and restoring odds and ends, but I hope you will find these pages interesting and useful. Please, if you use them, use them to point out why naïve literalist creationism is wrong - not to attack belief in God.
The archive contents page is located here.

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