Varves and the Global Flood

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Young-earthers are fond of claiming that varves are not yearly deposits. Tonight I won't discuss those but I will discuss the sedimentary problem of having tiny, fine laminations spread over hundreds of square kilometers during a turbulent global flood.

The picture below comes from Roger Y. Anderson, Walter E. Dean, Douglas W. Kirkland, and Henry I. Snider, "Permian Castile Varved Evaporite Sequence, West Texas and New Mexico" Bulletin of the Geological Society of America Vol.83, No. 1, January, 1972,

It is pictures of varves which show amazing correlations over as much as 91 kilometers about 60 miles. The layers you see in the core are millimeters thick which means that the same tranquil conditions had to prevail over that 60 miles. Such fine detail is difficult to explain during a turbulent global flood. The age of this is Permian which places it in the middle of the geologic column. It is difficult to explain from a YE vantage point. I submit this as more evidence that the YE leadership simply isn't telling their people what is actually in the geologic column.

Note the same light and dark pattern can be found in the cores. I didn't show the longer two cores but will if anyone asks me for it.

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