My Facebook Pages and Groups.

The Rational Manifesto for One World -  a group for discussing, developing and promoting a manifesto for the governance of all the world's people. 
We now have opportunities, and face problems, on a global scale. Nothing but a vastly improved world government can let us profit from the opportunities and deal with our problems. 

ERV - A group dedicated to discussing endogenous retroviruses (ERVs) retro-elements, pseudogenes, segmental duplications and other genetic markers, and whether or not they provide decisive evidence for common descent between different kinds of organisms.

Answers in Genesis et al. Debunked - This is a group giving the opportunity to respond to FaceBook posts at Answers in Genesis, ICR and similar, particularly to those who have been banned from commenting. Anyone, theist or atheist,  is welcome share or comment on such creationist material here.


Science, Reason, Evolution and God - A group for members of Science and Reason Vs. Atheism, a group abandoned by its owner, plus anyone else who wants to talk about the group topics. Other groups -

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