Glenn Morton's Theology Articles and Other Topics

As with Parables, myths, fables, legends and moral tales, many stories in the Bible need not be taken literally. Indeed, to do so would render many of them ridiculous and thereby rob them of significance.

But Glenn Morton, having been brought up as a Biblical literalist, and subsequently having discovered that the interpretation he had been taught was wrong, examined the Bible stories and found ways to read them and believe them that do not clash with reality. Here are his pages on this and other subjects.

Plain Reading of Genesis 1 You think that Genesis says abiogenesis is impossible and says that creatures only "reproduce after their kinds"? Then you haven't read Genesis. You just believe what fallible people tell you it says.

Why I believe Genesis is Historically Accurate

(in development)

Early Church Fathers Were Not YECs by John Tobin

Olam: The Bible's Way of Telling Us That the Earth is Old

The Metaphysical Casino--Why I believe in Design

Theory for Creationists

How God used Evolution

Days of Proclamation--New Way to Interpret Genesis 1

Does the Bible Teach Evolution-An analysis of Genesis 1:11

Evidence of the Original Language--Did Man Speak One Language?

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