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Accelerated Christian Education (ACE), and the Attempted Hijacking of Secular Education.

Not a Plesiosaur.

From Wikipedia, "Accelerated Christian Education is an American educational products company founded in 1970 by Dr. Donald R. Howard which produces the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) school curriculum. As of September 2013 ACE serves over 6,000 schools in 145 countries. The company is based in Hendersonville, Tennessee (suburban Nashville), with their distribution center located in Lewisville, Texas (in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex). It lists its principles in a "statement of faith" which declares the belief that the Bible is literally true."

Those who believe that the Bible is "literally true", (according to their interpretation of it,) I will call "creationists" and "science-deniers".

If you are thinking of using your vouchers to send your kids to a "Christian" school, go to the links below to find out what nonsense they will be force-fed by creationists, and how your kids' appreciation of science and rationality will be seriously undermined.

Disclaimer: This is not an anti-Christian page, blog or writer. My name is Barry Desborough, and I studied education and became a qualified teacher by attending a Christian-founded College of Education. Christianity and science-denial are not identical. My college was staffed by Christians who fully accepted all the sciences that the creationists rail against. Also - creation is not the exclusive province of people who claim to be Christian. Some professed believers in Judaism and Islam hold virtually identical beliefs too.

Links to takedowns of ACE.

How bad can Christian education get? This bad.

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